Dot Line Cross Laser Modules


2017-05-09 03:46
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 Once users are making dot measurement with a simple dot sticker or your own finger, it is not realistic to assure 100% accuracy dot alignment as expected. Under condition that users are getting the use of high brightness green dot laser alignment, no matter what kind of targeting surface, it is just easily obtaining a none mistake dot aligning result as expected. Unless direct sunlight dot targeting work, once green laser diode module gets the selection of quite higher output power up 50mW to 100mW, it is just getting the most wonderful laser dot targeting under all kinds of high lighting work fields effectively.

It is not a hard work for users to operate a high power green dot laser alignment. You might be strong with a laser dot alignment tool, but you should have got a lot of chances to looking at bright light emitting from a simple green laser pointer. This dot laser device is just getting quite similar structure as a green laser pen. However, when this laser dot alignment tool is getting the equipment of external electric power source of DC input power supply, supported by different operating voltage of 3V or 4.2V DC power source, it is just effective enough to get direct and quick laser dot instruction on all working surfaces easily.

Under high lighting working occasion, if this green dot laser alignment is only chosen with super low power, nothing will be seen on the surface. Thus the desired output power of this 532nm green laser module should be higher than 50mW. At the same time, in order to make sure of its bright and visible enough laser dot targeting in distance, the proper operating voltage should be reaching as high as 4.2V, which is just effective enough to fulfill clear and bright enough dot alignment under higher lighting dot positioning work.
At the same time, on consideration of its higher power, this green dot laser alignment might also generate super powerful thermal energy in continuous dot alignment work. It is just a necessity for users to get perfect eye protection with a pair of laser safety glasses. Users should also make proper installation and adjustment of laser dot aligning tool on correct position. When users are avoiding direct eye exposure to powerful green laser light, this alignment laser is easily obtaining none mistake dot positioning result marvelously.
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